Chris Prentiss, co-founder of Passages Addiction Treatment Centers and author of more than a dozen books, also gives talks on metaphysics to the clients of Passages every week.

As he explains in "The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure" book: "If you’re not familiar with the term metaphysics, meta means “more than” or “beyond,” and physics has to do with the physical world. So metaphysics is concerned with what’s “more than” or “beyond” the physical world. Metaphysics is part of our effort as humans to reach beyond what we see, touch, taste, smell, and hear, to intuit what is beyond nature as we perceive it. Through metaphysics, we discover the true nature of things, their ultimate essences and reasons for being. For me, metaphysics is a philosophy that incorporates the Universal laws that govern everything in the physical world as well as the unseen but perceived laws that regulate and control the world beyond the physical.

Here’s a bit of metaphysical law regarding our topic of healing that relates to one of the basic and most important aspects of our Universe—cause and effect. Simply stated, the metaphysical law says: “Every action produces a reaction, and that reaction is in exact accord with the action.” (Do not confuse that metaphysical law with the physical law that states that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”)

The metaphysical law of cause and effect applies to your beliefs in the following way. Every belief that you hold manifests itself in some manner by causing you to take some form of action, by preventing you from taking action, or by causing you to feel a certain way. When we apply this metaphysical law to the ending of addiction, we see that healers and therapists who don’t believe that healing is possible and will most likely fail to bring about a end.

Worse than that, they’ll poison your mind with the belief that a healing is impossible and that you’re doomed to be an addict or alcoholic for the rest of your life. That belief results in a self- defeating attitude that undermines the great gains that are possible. The only time that this poisoning would have any positive effect would be if you got angry when told that rubbish, refused to accept that belief, and set out to prove the therapist wrong.

Would you really do your utmost to succeed in the treatment of any ailment if you believed that you were beyond all hope of recovery?"

This is the philosophy that makes Passages different. Unlike most rehab centers, Passages believes in healing addction. Passages believes in you.

More on the topic of metaphysics can be read in "The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure."

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